Smart Phone – A Simple Guide For The Best Buy

Is the so-called shift in the reason why a product brink of ruin,Face of the smart phone continue to increase the flexibility of function Articles must be because of better alternatives, car navigation systems is. The rise of smart phones on the one hand corner navigator manufacturers, on the one hand, brought a new world of telecom companies. We pick today issued this foreign media reports, trend analysis and navigation systems manufacturers, coping strategies, allows telecom operators and equipment manufacturers know ourselves, and early planning.

HC network of automotive sell iphone 11 pro max electronics] traditional car navigation system is now faced with the re-definition of requirements, which stems from the rise of smart phones. Face of the smart phone real-time online applications continue to increase the flexibility of function, car navigation systems have no strength to fight back.

The rise of smart phones is a dramatic change to the car navigation market, the first affected Simple car navigation systems (PNDs), and its development momentum suddenly plummeted. Swedish survey company BergInsight 2011 the global PND sales of 33 million units, a decrease of 5 million units in 2010 to 2016 is expected to decrease to 23 million units. Among consumers that the new map, to obtain real-time traffic congestion and other information of smart phone is more convenient than the navigator views are proliferating. Now, the traditional car navigation systems in terms of hardware performance, as well as permanent Internet access and flexibility have been unable to compete with smartphones.

The multi-function built-in navigator shipments are expected in the future will be expanded, but this is not sit back and relax, because consumers understand that the convenience of smart phones began to pursue an open environment for the original closed car information terminals. As support for Japan’s own standard “i-mode” mobile phones, smart phones change to be able to permanently access to the open Internet car information terminals has also ushered in the era of redefined.

In order to promote the evolution of vehicle information terminal, the auto companies and automotive companies are stepping up action. Now, automotive products with some of the features of the smartphone linkage has come out.