How to Be Sure Which Diamond Pad Will Suit My Floor for Polishing and Restoring?

It is thus important to know how to polish them yourself. Several video tutorials are available online from where one can learn about the Do It Yourself exercises on cleaning,Guest Posting polishing and restoring of concrete and marble floors. Taking couple of hours off on a weekend to get this done can make the floor tiles always look like new ones.


The online tutorials will depict the use of certain customized tools for this exercise. These are varied in nature and functionality as well. In order to be able to successfully implement whatever is learnt in the DIY videos, one needs to have some, if not all, of these tools. And before buying these tools like concrete polishing pads, one must know a little bit about them as well!


The pads used to polish, clean and restore the floorings are made up of minute pieces of diamonds that have less value as jewellery but more as a strong material. In fact, it is the hardestof all materials on the Earth owing to its Carbon structure inside. It can thus remove any kind of stain from old floorings, although the action is purely mechanical. Even for cutting the granites or concretes for piping or other renovation work, the diamond studded cutting wheelsare very helpful. These diamond pieces are abrasive materials that are based on a resin matrix or are concrete polishing machine hire attached to the pads by adhesives. What we need to know about these pads are some of these:-


  • In what varieties do these pads come?
  • What are the sizes of these pads?
  • Does coarseness play a role in choosing the diamond pads?
  • Are they available online or over the counter?


Talking about the varieties ofdiamond floor polishing pads, one can broadly find them in two versions. They are:-

  • Wet pads- these are used with water as a coolant.
  • Dry pads- these are used to polish and renovate in dry state.

When it comes to the size of the pads, one has to understand its importance.

Diamond pads of different sizes are used for different end uses, like:-